Sunday, May 23, 2010

Miranda Cosgrove's First Concert and I was there!

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Thursday I was picked up early from school and I got to go to see Miranda Cosgrove in concert!!!!! For people who are not familiar with the name, she is Carly off of iCarly the Nickelodeon show. She is one of my role models and I got to meet her. I was so nervous I could not talk and my mom thought that I was going to be sick. The concert was a private one and her very first. We sat in the front row and she was so good. She was so sweet, she even complemented me on my blue hair which was really cool. I will never forget the day I got to give her a hug and shake her hand. I love her show so much, she is so talented I love her music and her acting. Miranda Cosgrove is my idol and I was so lucky to get to meet her. Thank's so much to Quaker Chewy Granola Bars After School ROCKS Program who made it all happen.. And also a BIG thank you to my MOM she is the best and if it weren't for her I would never have met Miranda Cosgrove.....
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  1. Thank you for the sweet ending. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I know how excited and star struck you were! We have watched Miranda Cosgrove on television for so many years now that it was surreal meeting her in real life. I'm glad we got to experience that together! Love you!