Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to save kids in Ghana

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In one of my past posts I shared about my Life List item, saving a kid in Ghana, Africa by taking part in The Mercy Project but I didn't explain how it's done. In order to save a child out of slavery you must trade supplies for them. The Mercy Project does not buy the kids to own them, instead they trade supplies to free the child and then put them up for adoption. The Mercy Project also collects donations on their website in order to build houses to shelter the saved children.

My personal goal is to travel to Ghana, Africa and personally trade supplies to help save at least one child to put up for adoption to find a good home when I'm 19 years old. After I finish college and medical school then I want to adopt a child myself.

If you want to help then visit The Mercy Project's website and donate any amount helps. It's a very sad and happy story all in one.
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  1. What a cool way to save a kid! You know supplies are needed, so you don't feel bad about giving them to save a kid. It's less like 'buying.'

    Thanks for sharing, T! Can't wait to see you do this!